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The EarthVision International Environmental Film Festival

Announce Alliance for 2009 and Beyond

The Screening Party aka The Greening Party



November 18, 2009, Santa Cruz, CA - The Santa Cruz Film Festival (SCFF), a celebration of independent-minded filmmakers, is excited to announce its new merger with The EarthVision Environmental International Film Festival. Since 2002, SCFF has brought over 800 films and tens of thousands of film lovers from all over the world to the beautiful beaches, breathtaking redwoods and theatre houses of Santa Cruz. The EarthVision recently celebrated 10 years of showcasing films about crucial ecological issues that have inspired viewers to create positive change for the planet. These two Film Festivals champion voices and stories that are frequently absent from mainstream cinema. In May of 2009 they will co-present several environmentally themed programs during the SCFF.


Earthvison grew out of the documentary work of partners Katherine Knight and Ed Schehl, and their production company, Raindancer Film & Video. The couple wanted to create a venue in which environmental filmmakers could converge and consider each others' work. Earthvison founder Ed Schehl says of the Earthvision and SCFF partnership, ”I believe partnering with The Santa Cruz Film Festival will greatly expand our impact on the local community. And allow us to reach a much larger audience with the important messages the EarthVision films present. The partnership could also encourage film makers to experiment with more narrative driven films with environmental themes to reach the public in new and exciting ways.”


The films shown at EarthVision are the work of passionate individuals who have documented crucial environmental problems and attempts to solve them. SCFF will continue this tradition of screening prominent and grassroots produced environmental films. In 2008, the SCFF line up included Sundance Audience award winner Fields of Fuel, which focused on the global addiction to fossil fuels; Blue Green narrated by Santa Cruz’s own Robert “Wingnut” Weaver which explored ocean issues; and Burn on the Bayou that highlighted eco-volunteerism by the Burningman community in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.


Jane Sullivan, SCFF founder and Executive Director states, “This collaboration aka “aGREENment” will further raise consciousness about environmental issues, educate people and mobilize support surrounding these concerns. We are humbled and excited to broaden the efforts that Ed and Katherine started through their mutual passion for the environment. Our world seems to be getting smaller while the issues are getting bigger; simultaneously, films can stimulate immediate action and positive results. Long live the power of the moving picture!”


Like SCFF, EarthVision is locally organized and relies on support from local businesses, organizations and individuals. Its films, produced by community members and international activists, address both local and global issues. The films are powerful educational tools for Santa Cruz, as many entries are shown throughout the year on Community Television of Santa Cruz County (CTSCC). SCFF will partner with CTSCC to extend film makers the opportunity to show their work on CTSCC as well on a variety of new and alternative channels. The winning films (with permission by the filmmakers) will be programmed an average of sixteen hours per week on (CTSCC). This will give EarthVision and The Santa Cruz Film Festival film makers the possibility of reaching another 65,000 member subscribers county wide throughout the year.


CTSCC’s Executive Director John Patterson says, "Community Television is thrilled to be expanding its partnership with SCFF. We've supported the Earthvision Festival for 10 years now and it’s at a point in its development that a merger with SCFF just makes sense. We look forward to doing everything in our power to extend the reach of SCFF and Earthvision."


Call for entries is happening now! Films and videos of all lengths and formats completed after January 1, 2007 are invited to submit for consideration; Narrative, Documentary, Animation, Experimental, Student and Youth-produced works. Submit online at Withoutabox (withoutabox.com) or download the application from the Festival website (santacruzfilmfestival.org). The deadline for submissions is January 31, 2009.

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