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Written by National Wildlife Federation   

Every Day is Earth Day

Top Tips for Energy Conservation 

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 Help cool the planet one home at a time! Do your part to help reduce global warming by taking the Good Neighbor Pledge today!



Top Five Easiest Things to Do to Conserve Energy


* Change the filter in your furnace: Keep heating and cooling systems running efficiently.


* Change to fluorescent light bulbs: They use far less energy than incandescents.


* Combine trips: Plan your errands to reduce transportation time. 


* Lower the temperature on your water heater: You’ll still have hot water, but it means the heater uses less energy when you are not using hot water.


* Check your car’s tire pressure: Poorly inflated tires wastes gas and causes more pollution.


Top Five Decisions That Will Make the Biggest Difference


* Buy a fuel efficient vehicle: Include the fuel economy rating as part of the decision making process.


* Buy green power: Some utilities will give you info on this; otherwise, consider a Green Tag.


* Install a programmable thermostat: It takes about 10 minutes to install and allows you to save lots of energy costs when you are not home.


* Buy less stuff: Everything we buy creates waste and uses energy both in the manufacturing process and after we use it.


* Stand up for what’s right: Sign up to receive information from the National Wildlife Federation about global warming, and keep in touch with what’s happening on this issue.




Reprinted with permission from the National Wildlife Federation. Talk with your family about taking the Good Neighbor Pledge “Doing the Right Thing for Our Planet’s Future.” Go to their website at www.nwf.org to get more information or to be more involved. 

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