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It Works For Me!

Many of us come into parenting with very little experience. We don’t have to obtain a liscense to have children as with driving. Once we have children we find we have more questions than answers. Sure there are great books out there, but who has time to read them when we’re in the thick of it? And yes, there are some great parenting classes – which I highly recommend. But still, these don’t cover the day-in and day-out nitty-gritty of parenting. Most parenting is done by trial and error.

The good news is that you and I are not alone. Any of us with children have found ourselves needy, at times. And sometimes we stumble on to an idea that works. Following are some ideas about which the contributors (every day people like you and me) found themselves saying, “It works for me!” (The built in disclaimer is that it may not work for everyone.)

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Halloween at our house is a little different when it comes to collecting all those sweet treats. My Children don’t necessarily collect all those goodies to eat, yet collect as much as possible so they can bargain with their parents as to how much all this candy is worth. You see, we buy them off. Rather than having all that candy sit in our home for days, weeks, months, we give the children cash in exchange for tossing all that candy. They get to consume as much as they want (within reason) on Halloween night and keep a few treats for a few days to follow, but the majority of the candy goes in the trash and they have the opportunity to buy themselves something they have been wanting. It’s become a tradition. – Joanne Sprenkel, Capitola


I tell my three year old (and my 18 mo old even though she doesn't get it) that when eating, green makes you grow, brown gives you energy, yellow/orange/red helps you stay healthy, and white is just for fun. I also tell him that water gives his insides a bath and keeps him clean just like the tub does on the outside. He gets it, and even says things like "I need green so I can grow!" - Rian Bingham, Ben Lomond

To get kids to eat their veggies I hide zucchini in "surprise bread". After they eat the yummy cake/bread they get to read the recipe to see what the surprise was! Also I maintain a "Two Bite Rule" means you try two bites of whatever is served, and if you truly don't care for it you don't have to eat more. -- Barbara Lockwood, Brookdale

When my son was moving from finger-food to eating with a spoon I found mixing his Cherrios with applesauce worked well to keep the food on the spoon until it got to his mouth. He now has milk on his cereal and successfully gets it all in his mouth. Well, most of the time. -- LK


I found a magnetic board with long strip magnets (found at needlework stores) were ideal for something solid for kids to secure their paper to while drawing in the car. I also prefer the short colored pencils over any other drawing utensil. Crayons can melt in a warm car. Marker tops are often lost and then the markers end up “decorating” seats, clothes, etc. LK

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