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Written by Michelle Spence   

Whether we’re waiting for the rain or reveling in it, a good rainy day book is a staple of old and new children’s literature. These four stories remind us of the joy of rain, even with, and maybe in spite of, the inconveniences that sometimes accompany a downpour.



Written by Linda Ashman, Illustrated by Christian Robinson

An old man and a young child walk through the same rainy day, mirroring each other’s actions, but not each other’s attitudes. Where the boy sees adventure and delight with every drop, the man only trudges along, grumbling with every step. A chance meeting at the Rain or Shine Café, a forgotten hat, and we’re off to the races in this new board book, illustrated by 2016 Caldecott Honoree Christian Robinson.



by Manya Stojic

Reminiscent of a game of telephone, the coming rain is conveyed from animal to animal through distinct senses: “Porcupine can smell it. The zebras can see it. We can hear it. We must tell the rhino.” On and on the message goes, until we experience the inevitable storm and its wonderful aftermath.


Home in the Rain

by Bob Graham

A drive home from Grandma’s house turns into a thorough exploration of a rainstorm, from the field mouse diving for cover and the men arguing after a fender bender to the fogging windows inside Francie’s car. The opening quote by John Updike, “Rain is grace,” sets the tone as we travel with Francie and her mom all the way home.


On Monday When It Rained

Written by Cherryl Kachenmeister, Photographs by Tom Berthiaume

In this case, you can indeed judge a book by its cover. On Monday When It Rained shows the up-close, black-and-white photograph of a disappointed boy. Sure, he wanted to ride his bike, but the rainy weather has other ideas. Lucky for us, we get to see this same boy’s face when he is proud, scared, excited, and more. Naming the feelings, and even more importantly, seeing the transitory nature of them, makes this book a comforting guide when words are just beginning.



Michelle Spence is a children’s bookseller at Bookshop Santa Cruz. Her favorite books are the ones her kids can quote by heart.


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