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Written by Jan Pierce   

Your summer months flew by with the crazy combination of a more relaxed life and filling every available moment with fun. But now it’s time to gear up for the fall back to school schedule. It’s a time to reflect, plan and set new priorities.

What worked for your family last year? What didn’t? In our busy lives it’s easier to become over-scheduled and stressed than to take on too few commitments. What really matters? What are the unique needs of your family at this very moment?

Why not buy a whiteboard calendar and begin to fill in your individual and family commitments? You’ll immediately see where there’s room for new activities and where you need to cut back. You’ll gauge the value of each activity and may find that even some enjoyable and worthwhile activities need to be cut.

Is there room in your new schedule for quality family time? Homework? Enough sleep and relaxation? Meals together? There’s no right or wrong in planning the family schedule, in fact each family will see the need for different priorities based on their family make-up, but being in control of the schedule is definitely desirable. Or, guess what? The schedule will control you.

Here are ten questions to ask as you head into the new school year. Your answers will help you set priorities, find a proper balance of work and play and guard precious family time.

1.    What is the new bedtime for the kids?

2.    How many organized activities (sports, lessons,) will each family member engage in?

3.    How much active play will the children engage in daily compared to screen time and other indoor activity?

4.    How many meals will the family eat together each week?

5.    When will we set time aside for homework?

6.    Is there any part of our schedule causing conflict within the family? How can we fix that?

7.    How much time does each family member spend on household chores?

8.    How often will we entertain or have friends over?

9.    Are we allowing adequate time for the family to relax together?

10. When will our family schedule time for giving to the community, the church, the poor and needy?

Back to school time is saying goodbye to summer freedom and looking ahead to a great new school year. The time you spend in planning and decision-making now will be rewarded as you move into your new, balanced fall schedule.


Jan Pierce, M.Ed., is a retired teacher and the author of Homegrown Readers and Homegrown Family Fun. Find Jan at www.janpierce.net.


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