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At first it was just a little idea. What if . . . ? That idea kept resurfacing and demanding attention. What if we opened a children’s bookstore that also sold bakery items? Krista Tankoano could no longer ignore the idea. It intrigued her. A name came to mind: The Bookakery. She pictured opening it in a former restaurant building in Felton that had sat empty for years. Krista imagined a warm, welcoming place, with the smell of baked goods in the air. Kids could come for story time and be given a cookie, while their moms sipped coffee and enjoyed a muffin . . . hmm . . .

Being an extreme organizer, Krista sat down and drew up a five-year plan. By the time she had finished she had visions of her father working in the bookstore (he would be ready to retire by then), her mother doing the story times, her husband taking care of the bookkeeping, and her happily baking in the kitchen. In five years her son would be in school. In five years she could save up enough money to make it happen. That was her plan, to make it happen in five years. As she shared her plans they were meant with a mix of enthusiasm and “that’s a nice idea” responses.

Then that vacated building was sold. The Bookakery would have been so perfect in that building. It was hard to picture The Bookakery anywhere else.  Maybe it was just a dream, a fun idea to muse about every now and then . . .

But the dream resurfaced and took on a new shape – a mobile bookstore and bakery truck! A bakery truck that would go from place to place, set up a story time, sell baked goods and books. It could happen. The dream was once again alive. Maybe in a couple of years . . .

Krista started reading everything she could find about starting a business. That’s when she came across a quote by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, author of The Little Prince, that changed everything. “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” She would no longer think of the business as something that was going to happen years from now, she was going to make it happen now. Krista started The Bookakery blog to generate interest in the business, posting about favorite kids’ books and recipes. She started researching food trucks and permits. Her husband, Didier, started taking business classes. But buying and running a food truck seemed impossible while they still both had full-time jobs and neither felt it was very responsible to give up their current positions. But something had to be done now to make The Bookakery come to fruition.

That’s when the idea of Bookakery Boxes was born. Krista started a subscription box business which combined her love for children’s books and the desire to share the joy of baking. Each month The Bookakery creates a gift box that features a high-quality children’s book aimed at children 3 – 7. The book determines the theme for the rest of the box. The box includes a recipe that is inspired by the book that a parent and child can prepare together. A baking utensil or accessory is always included – a whisk, cookie cutter, apron . . . Fun extra theme-based gifts are sometimes enclosed as well.

The first Bookakery Box featured Edward Gets Messy and included a kid friendly recipe for a vanilla sprinkle cake, a spatula, and bath-time crayons for kids to make their own mess (but that easily wash away). Here is what one mom said about their Bookakery Box, “My son absolutely loved his first Bookakery box. He hasn't stopped talking about it and asking when he will get his next one in the mail. We love to read and bake so this subscription box was perfect for our family.”

The Bookakery mobile bookstore and bakery truck is still in the plans, along with the brick-and-mortar shop. But The Bookakery is no longer a dream, it’s a reality. Subscription boxes can be ordered at www.bookakeryboxes.com

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