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Written by Elizabeth Pantley   

Let Long-Term Goals Be Your Guide

Any one meal or even any one day won’t make or break success, so relax a bit. Set long-term goals for eating habits and use these to guide you.


Make Small Changes to Reap Big Results

It can be hard – almost impossible, sometimes, to change your child’s rigidly held eating habits. Instead of trying to overhaul every meal and every snack, begin with making a few small changes, one at a time, towards a more nutritious diet.


Don’t Shock Your Kids – Gradually Transform Them

It would create chaos if you suddenly eliminated your child’s regular foods and substituted them with healthy options – your picky eater may become a non-eater! Instead, examine your child’s favorite foods and make subtle changes towards a healthier version. By making small adjustments over time your child’s taste buds will adjust until you finally replace the old version with a healthier alternative. As an example, mix half his regular noodles with while wheat and work towards bigger percentages.


Teach, Don’t Preach

Change your vocabulary: eliminate unpleasant words, such as “diet,” or “junk” when referring to food. Avoid calling a particular food “bad” or “good,” and instead discuss the properties of the food and what it does or doesn’t do for your health.


When Necessary – Be Sneaky

Even once you’ve created your long-term goals and some mini-goals and you have begun to make simple changes and teach your child about proper nutrition, you still have a long way to go before healthy eating becomes second nature to your child. So, in the meantime, it doesn’t hurt to sneak some healthy ingredients into your everyday recipes.


These tips are excerpted with permission from the No-Cry Picky eater Solution by Elizabeth Pantley.

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